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Kejourou [MGE] by Butter-T
Mature content
Kejourou [MGE] :iconbutter-t:Butter-T 189 4
Atalanta (Alter) + Atalanta by Butter-T Atalanta (Alter) + Atalanta :iconbutter-t:Butter-T 250 5 Bazelgeuse by Butter-T Bazelgeuse :iconbutter-t:Butter-T 108 30 Vaal Hazak by Butter-T Vaal Hazak :iconbutter-t:Butter-T 204 7 Yumi by Butter-T Yumi :iconbutter-t:Butter-T 38 1 Ice Dragon, Legiana by Butter-T Ice Dragon, Legiana :iconbutter-t:Butter-T 211 11 Dark Magician Girl by Butter-T Dark Magician Girl :iconbutter-t:Butter-T 102 1 High Orc by Butter-T High Orc :iconbutter-t:Butter-T 265 6 Megatron G1 by Butter-T Megatron G1 :iconbutter-t:Butter-T 189 3 Artoria [Lancer] + Artoria [Lancer Alter] by Butter-T Artoria [Lancer] + Artoria [Lancer Alter] :iconbutter-t:Butter-T 255 3 Miia by Butter-T Miia :iconbutter-t:Butter-T 302 10 Chimera [MGE] by Butter-T Chimera [MGE] :iconbutter-t:Butter-T 317 10 Nightingale by Butter-T Nightingale :iconbutter-t:Butter-T 113 4 Dangerous Tiamat by Butter-T Dangerous Tiamat :iconbutter-t:Butter-T 204 10 Mina - [February's Reward] by Butter-T Mina - [February's Reward] :iconbutter-t:Butter-T 193 1 Jeanne Alter (Santa Lily) by Butter-T Jeanne Alter (Santa Lily) :iconbutter-t:Butter-T 146 4


ArtTrade: YIN for KitsuneYin by KenPan ArtTrade: YIN for KitsuneYin :iconkenpan:KenPan 408 40 Lady kawaguchi by haganef Lady kawaguchi :iconhaganef:haganef 809 17 COM2015 - Altina by Kazenokaze COM2015 - Altina :iconkazenokaze:Kazenokaze 621 24 Sakura Beach game by inma Sakura Beach game :iconinma:inma 856 50


Butter-T's Profile Picture
Hello, I'm Butter-T and I love to draw hentai (Serious Face)
and my most favorite is monster girls!!

Facebook -
Twitter -

Gumroad 06 copy by Butter-T

Hello. I haven’t update Gumroad for a while. When someone reminded me about it, I start upload them yesterday, and it was done now. If you want my old works, you can purchase them on Gumroad, the link below. (It’s updated until January’s Rewards)  <  < 

As for February’s Rewards, I am still working on it. It was very late, but I want to make it the best I can than skim over it. (Though I was already late, I’m still nitpicking. ; v ; ) I’m very sorry about this.  


Kejourou [MGE]
Young boy who came to Red-light District for the first time. But the onee-san he was aiming for has turned into Kejourou.... But she got addicted to his big long spear and became his wife (LOL)

As the sentence in the drawing:
"Heheh. Getting embarrassed like this, it's your first time right boy? ... But don't worry, this onee-san will teach you good stuffs."

NSFW sample can be viewed in this link <

As for the stick, that was... was... yeah, it's Yakult bottle!! Because Yakult has Lactobacillus, and Lactobacillus is type of bacteria, and bacteria isn't something good, so I have to censored it!! Not because it's a penis with veins poping out, ejaculating semen, it's totally not like that. Believe me, I'm a nice guy!!

It's a drawing with a lot of costume layers to open-close. Maybe because I haven't drawn MGE for long time, so I put my all into it. Although it was tough, but I think it's worth it. LOL.

And for those who pledged on April will get uncensored version of this set of drawings.
Atalanta (Alter) + Atalanta

Atalanta (Alter) + Atalanta is done. It was fun to draw this type of swimming suit. Even though it doesn't expose much skin, but I wonder why it looks erotic!? (LOL)

NSFW version can be found on my Twitter.… <

Ah.. I want to draw Abigail or Danzon in this costume too. Must be very erotic (LOL)


Bazelgeuse is done. I think many people, like me, hate this obtrusive dragon with powerful explosion power (LOL) 
Please give me 1-2 more days to prepare files, and then I can send March's Rewards!! (Very slow!!). And I will continue with April's immediately. << 18+ Ver.

Vaal Hazak

Drawing of Vaal Hazak is done. In this drawing, I tried new coloring method by coloring grey and black first, and add colors later. It is fun to try something new, it might be usable technique for other works.

Although Vaal Hazak is coated with scrap meats, inside is still firm and bouncy and juicy. It's a Grade A meat-toilet that hunters would love to release their feeling with frequently. (lol)

Of course, those who supported on R-Tier or above will get NSFW version (both with and without pubic hair), and SR-Tier or above will get full size too. I think this drawing is better with full size, it doesn't require staring. << NSFW Sample on my patreon


Drawing of Yumi is done. I tried change coloring style, making it similar to CG in games. ; x ;

I uploaded 2 samples, you can find them on my Twitter. (And of course, Rewards will be uncensored)… << <<



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AnastasiaSilvee Featured By Owner Mar 27, 2018  New Deviant
commisions open?
How much do you charge for art? 
Master-MAG00 Featured By Owner Jul 1, 2017  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Question but do you take commissions?
Shawntheimmortal94 Featured By Owner May 2, 2017  Hobbyist Writer
I love your art, the monster girls from MGE are my favorite and I like the dialogue you put in the pictures because it gives the monsters personality.
nekopara1 Featured By Owner Aug 31, 2016
i like your artwork
Butter-T Featured By Owner Sep 25, 2016
Thank you. > v < 
nekopara1 Featured By Owner Sep 25, 2016
you are welcome 
AbsoluteDebauchery Featured By Owner Jun 25, 2016
Hello! :3
Would ya mind telling me about commission information? />w</
Butter-T Featured By Owner Jul 25, 2016
Thank you for interesting. > v <
but I'm a bit busy recently. Once I have time to take more Commission,
I will announce in advance for sure. ; v ; )
AbsoluteDebauchery Featured By Owner Jul 25, 2016
Oh nuuu ;W; 

Well it's okay, take your time and do the things you need to do first! /owo/
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